Mobile Phones And Cell Phones Essay

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Have you ever been out in public and looked around to find yourself surrounded by people with their cell phones? Sometimes they are using them, sometimes they are holding them in their hand(s), and other times you can see the cell phone sticking out of their back pocket or purse. The world around is continuing to make technological changes that force teens to have their phone “attached to their hip”. Numerous people argue that they are addicted, and they may very well be, but their addiction is not caused by their own choices but rather the way society has forced them to believe they can not live without it. The biggest three reasons why teenagers are on their phones can be related back to main topics of safety, jobs, and school. These three things force teenagers to have their phone with them, use them, and be addicted to them whether they like it or not. Because technology is advancing, it is so easy to hear about situations occurring all around the world. If any sort of crime is going on, of course you’re likely to hear about the terrorizing issue and this makes people believe crime is increasing, but in fact it is the opposite. New York’s university school of law stated that; “According to FBI data, the overall, national crime rate, including violent and property crime, dropped by 2.6 percent in 2015, decreasing for the fourteenth year in a row.” But, the whole concept of hearing about crime forces people to feel very unsafe, and for this reason teenagers always have

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