Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In School Essay

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Topic: Schools should ban the use of mobile phones by students in the classroom.
Purpose: To convince.
Specific purpose: To convince the audience that the use of mobile phones by students in the classroom should be banned because it has more negative consequences than benefits.
1. Attention getter: Research shows that on average, a person clicks their mobile phone at least 150 times in day (Soror et al. 46). Although holding tremendous potential for use as a learning tool, the use of mobile phones in the school environment by both teachers and students might be more destructive than beneficial. According to Kuznekoff and Scott (233), using mobile phones in the classroom negatively affects the ability of the student to learn and interferes with their
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According to Yeboah and George, the use of WhatsApp among students consumes time for learning, decreases academic preparation, and interferes with grammatical and spelling abilities of students (162-163).
Transition: I will now proceed to explore the association between using mobile phones for texting and social activities by students and academic performance.
3. Mobile phone use lowers the academic performance of students.
A. The frequency of social media posting and texting is negatively associated with scores in tests (Kuznekoff and Scott 243).
B. The daily use of mobile phones has a significant negative relationship with academic performance (Lepp et al. 6).
C. Multitasking by using phones, reading, and texting is significantly associated with a lower GPA for college students (Bellur et al. 67; Lepp et al. 6).
Transition: Finally, I will now address the opposing side to banning the use of mobile phones in schools by students.
4. Social media and mobile features support learning.
A. According to Gikas and Grant (21), students support the use of mobile phones in schools because they facilitate communication, content creation and access, collaboration, and interactions with teachers and
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