Mobile Shopping Case Study

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2. MOBILE SHOPPING 2.1. Introduction Given that the objective of the current dissertation is to identify and understand the factors that influence m-shopping adoption from a consumer experience perspective, it is significant to have a clear view of what mobile shopping actually means for consumers and businesses. As such, this chapter provides a definition of the mobile shopping term, a short overview of its background and evolution in the past years, both globally and with a particular focus on the United Kingdom market and an initial glimpse at the main advantages and barriers to mobile shopping adoption from consumer perspective. As the primary research has been conducted within the UK population, it is relevant to understand not only the…show more content…
Clark (2008) also defines m-commerce as “any transaction with monetary value that is conducted via a mobile network”, while from the understanding of Ngaia and Gunasekaranb (2007), mobile commerce is seen as a more advanced form of e-commerce, a “subset of e-commerce”. Similarly, the works of Hayden and Webster (2015) and Martin (2013) highlight that m-commerce has resulted from the innovation of e-commerce, trend that started a few decades ago. However, Litan and Baily (2009) observed that mobile commerce is more than just mobile shopping (mobile sales and purchase); it has also advanced to include online banking, bill payment and information…show more content…
(2013) found bigger target audience is the main advantage, businesses having access to a wider market through mobile transactions. Balaji et al. (2013) added that the number of people owning an internet enabled mobile phone has increased tremendously. This means that businesses can target the increased mobile users’ community to engage them in online platforms that facilitate mobile shopping, giving them access to a higher pole of potential consumers, unlike the e-commerce strategy which was targeting only the online users who access online platforms through computers. The study by Kim, Mirusmonov and Lee (2010) also highlighted as a huge benefit for businesses the ability to increase sales and lower marketing costs, by reaching individual consumers through online platforms that could be adapted to mobile

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