Mobile Therapist Case Summary

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MB-2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Mobile Therapist (MT) went to the client’s house to talk to the client’s mother prior to the client’s arrival. The MT started the session, by asking the client’s mother how has the client behavior has been during the past week. The client’s mother expressed the client has been on his best behavior during the past week and she took the client to the store without his siblings and the client was helpful and did not display negative actions upon returning. She continued to state the client had an IEP meeting on Monday and that the school psychologist is concern with the client’s psychological evaluation report from A.I. DuPont Hospital and will want to re-evaluate his Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to accommodate those concerns.
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The client started his homework with the help of his MT and parents. When the client was done, the MT talked to the client and his parents about the client updated treatment plan. The MT restated the goals of aggression, oppositional defiant disorder, and boundary issues. While reading each goal and the objective, the client and his parents was able to express current and past situations within 3 months for each area and how the client has been showing improvement. After the MT was finish with the client’s treatment plan, the client asked the MT did she want to play a game, in which the MT accepted. While playing the game, the client’s adoptive brother wanted to play the game to which the MT allowed them to play with each other. The client’s parents after a while, redirected the client’s adoptive siblings to allow the client to conduct a session with his MT. The client presented the client to create friendship bracelets. While the client was creating his bracelet, the MT asked his parents to assist him with completing the activity. The client’s adoptive siblings wanted to make a bracelet, but the client’s parent stated to them, they need to let the client have his own time without the bothers from his siblings. While the client was working on his bracelet, the MT stated to his parents the client has shown in the past a connection with hands-on activities and it would be beneficial for them…show more content…
The client is becoming more open with improving his boundary issues and oppositional defiant behavior by expressing his thoughts and feelings along with being cooperative with direction.
The MT will continue to work with the client to help him and his family build boundary issues while working with the client on oppositional defiant
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