Mobility Management Case Study

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3.0 How implementing mobility management strategic

Many transit agencies are embracing the concept of ‘mobility management’, which is a strategic approach to service coordination and customer service that is becoming a worldwide trend in the public transportation sector.

3.1 Following are questions and answers about the opportunities and potential advantages for transit agencies in considering development and implementation of mobility management programs.

1. What are the components of a good mobility management program?

A Since the mobility management model is one of customized delivery of transportation service. Each program will be designed specifically for each unique community, with innovation as the driving force. Some common elements
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Implementing initiatives in the workplace has a further advantage. Individuals and businesses can collaborate to achieve the best impacts.

7. This can include a car sharing scheme or pool cars shared by a number of organisations.

8. Furthermore a healthy element of competition among staff or different organisations is found to be a good driver for the successful implementation of TMM.

9. TMM at the workplace TMM in the workplace consists of three major categories of initiatives:

* workplace TMM plans

* employer TMM networks

* individual workplace travel initiatives that can be taken forward outside of TMM plans example car sharing

10. The core initiatives outside of TMM plans that this strategy focuses on are as follows:

3.2.2 TMM education travel strategy

The aspects of the education travel strategy that refer to schools directly build upon the School Travel Planning and Bus Specification recommendations. This lists the specifications for school buses relating to safety, maximum journey times and other aspects to offer the safest and most efficient school bus transport.

* TMM plan requirements for educational establishments

* Geographical influence

* TMM school networks

* Monitoring and support

3.2.3 TMM visitor travel
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