Moby Dick Symbolism

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During the years people are obsessed with whale, because they are rich in oil. Most of all, oil is one of the most important resource in the world, because in the 18th-19th century all machine required oil. As a matter of fact the sperm whale, richest whale in oil, and are in extinction. Sperm whales are not the only whales in extinction. Following that, Japan, Norway, and Iceland still whaling, even though is illegal. The most recent was Iceland in 2010. They killed over 145 whale. In addition, the story “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville shows how whale hunters are obsessed with whale hunting. However, in this story explains how a man is obsessed with a mysterious white whale who rip off Captain Ahab leg. Furthermore, this story took place in Nantucket. This island is a prosperous place for whale. “Moby Dick” symbolizes the power of nature. As said before, oil was a the primary source of energy. Herman Melville wrote the story “Moby Dick” based on his background. By the 18th century, whaling, huntion whale, become a industry, because their as substitute of oil. Herman Melville was born in New York, 1819 and died in 1891. Herman Melville was a son f a wealthy family and a merchant father. However, at the age of nineteen he became a merchant sailor, then at the age of twenty-one he went to a whaling voyage. In 1844 he came back from the voyage and begin writing, currently he was not popular. Afterward, he moved to Massachusetts, buy a farm, and continue writing. He met

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