Moccasin Bend Reflection

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There is one male acute patient whom I have become friends with during my visits at Moccasin Bend. In the beginning of my fieldwork, I was very uncomfortable talking to him as he has severe emotional regulation problems. He has flight of thought as he can begin speaking on one subject and quickly change the topic without me realizing it. Furthermore, he can go from laughing to crying in under thirty seconds depending on the topic. When I first started talking to him, I did not understand what I should do because at one moment we were laughing, and then he starts crying. I honestly tried to avoid him as I did not know how to speak to him. I did not want to trigger any bad memories or have him cause a scene because of me. I do have to say that I was slightly afraid of having a conversation with him. One day, I was talking to him, and he was trying to tell a joke to me.…show more content…
He is very sociable, and desires to talk to everybody rather they want him to or not. I am glad I helped him understand that if somebody does not want to talk to him or find him funny, it does not exactly mean that they did not like him. He seemed to need the assurance from an external source.
W- I would have to say that my weakness is that I did not want to talk to him when I first met him. These were my own insecurities as I did not want to cause a disruption in him. I do think that I was slightly afraid of him thinking that he would hurt himself or cause a scene in which I would be blamed for upsetting him.
O- This experience has allowed me to gain knowledge dealing with emotional dysfunction in clients. Before this, I had no idea how to handle a sensitive client. Now I know some methods to comfort them, and that I should not avoid having a breakdown entirely. This scenario has given me some insight people that feel emotion more intensely than average. I do not always have to feel that I am walking on
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