Moceanu's Argument Against Adversity

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Adversity is a touch subject, everyone must go through it. Napoleon fought his adversity, the cold weather of Russia. Martin Luthor King Jr. faced his adversity, segregation. All through history and in the future, adversity haunts, and since there is no way to get rid of it one must learn when it is better to accept it, or fight back, or both. Acceptance is a method to deal with adversity and proves to be the toughest form of adversity out there. The current world that we reside in is labeled to be a quick fix world, many resources such as the internet, cars, and phones have enabled us to access and fix things as quickly as possible. This later costs us to become acclimated towards the quick fix that we so desire and utilize. And though …show more content…

They become aware of the situation closely and assume full control. Major historical and current events all happen when one fights back against diversity, whether the events end good or badly, the person has control of the outcome in his hands. And although all cases presented might go to the extreme, they were not both handled with complete acceptance or rejection, they were a combination of both. Moceanu’s acceptance led her to fight back against her diversity, and MLK Jr.’s acceptance of the way things are led him to want to change the future. Acceptance and fighting back go hand in hand. Such as, hypothetically speaking, one wants to buy a car. You accept the balance that the car dealer offers you, and you fight back asking for a smaller price until you accept a smaller price. The acceptance that a major paper is coming up leads you to want to write a better paper and be satisfied with your work. Both have an integral part in determining our choices. Life will always bring challenges, so figuring out how to get the greatest possible benefit from it should be the highest of priorities. No matter whether one accepts the adversity, fights back against adversity, or does a combination of both, the sole focus should be to get

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