Mock Interview Reflection

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Mock Reflection I started the interview process by applying on Magnolias website. It was a fairly easy process since there were only certain aspects of the application I needed to fill out. I then waited for Mrs. Mcdolnald to call to give me a time and date of my interview. After she called I started to prepare but looking at different websites and the handouts that were provided on Blackboard. My first interview was canceled due to Joint Commission being at the hospital, but it was quickly rescheduled. I prepared answers for potential questions that night before and and chose a business casual outfit. When I got to the hospital, I sat in the Human Resources office waiting to be called. I eventually was called by a woman named Ashley Jenkins.…show more content…
It’s very tasking when you have to sit for thirty minutes while getting asked question after question. I was very tired mentally after the entire process and was not expecting the mock to be that intense. I was glad though because I know it’ll prepare me for the future. When I think back to the interview, I definitely would have wanted to expand more on questions. There were some questions that I would tell a story about to get my point across, but there were others that I did not expand on. I would say something along the lines of, “Well, I would do this in this situation.” Instead of telling them, “I’ve done this in this situation” and expanding upon that. When you have real-life examples and further shows how you’ve implemented that point into your practice as a nurse. When thinking about the critique I received, I remember Ms. Jenkins talking to me about keeping eye contact and speaking up. I have a very soft voice and think I’m being loud enough but sometimes that is not the case and I’m not asserting myself correctly. She also talked about including more personal experiences which I’ll definitely work on and having an outcome for each
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