Mock-Job Interview Reflection

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Having the chance to experience this Mock Job Interview open my eyes up to a lot of things. Being a Roanoke Valley Early College these are some of the great opportunities that you will receive. In class we took notes on how to properly do an interview from the day that you will walk in the door until the moment you walk out. We learned the expectations on how to properly groom, dressing, sit in the chair, answering questions with length, grammar, eye contact, firm handshake, making resumes and thank you letters.
In my interview something that I would choose to do differently is the flow of my words when asking questions. If the flow of my words were worded differently or better I feel as if the lady that was interviewing me would have been able to have a better understanding. Another thing that I would change would be my handshake. If you have a nice firm handshake then it will let the person or
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I also learn that sometimes the person which is interviewing you can determine the mood on how the interview will go. If the person is in a good mood and give you smiles and laugh during the interview this can help decrease the nervousness in a person. The interviewer won’t be staring you down and harder to answer questions. If the interviewer looks like he or she is in a bad mood, no much laughter , asking the question fast to rush the interview or just give you a non-shallot mood it is going to take a lot out of you to bring yourself together to finish his you in life. interview.
These are some of the experiences and lessons that I have been taught and also learned these things on my own. Being able to learn things yourself and build connections from your own experiences is the best way to gain confidence in what you do. Having opportunities like this when you are young are great to
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