Mock Motivational Interview Reflection

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My mock motivational interview was done by myself as the therapist and Ph.D. student. Rachel, as my mock client. In the mock interview, Rachel was newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was having trouble with changing her eating habits. She is an active young adult who enjoys having drinks and going out to eat with friends and family. She try’s to eat healthily but is not ready to just stop eating her favorite foods cold turkey. The theory that I used was motivational interviewing to try and motivate Rachel to try to eat healthily and exercise because her life depends on it.
I started off the session by asking Rachel what brings her into therapy. I then asked Rachel for permission to talk about her diagnosis. The interventions I used were reflective listening, the use a scale to determine how confident she was in her willingness to change and goal setting. I also used open-ended questions and summarized our session at the end to gain clarification and to wrap things up with the client.After talking about the consequences of not eating healthy and exercising and talking about how her diagnosis can turn into Diabetes Type 1, I believe that encouraged Rachel more.
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I felt like Rachel felt comfortable discussing her problems with me but I could have done a better job at getting to know her a little more. The strengths that I felt I showed during this session was showing empathy about her not being able to just up and change her lifestyle overnight., especially since she is still young and living life. Another strength I showed was understanding and non judgemental when she talked about her family not wanting to go to the restaurants she chooses that have a better healthy selection for her to pick
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