Patient Issues In Mr. X's Case

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Introduction In the recent past, obesity and weight management issues have been a common occurrence in the society. Mr. X had spent much of his life on roller coaster always toasting between weight loss and consequent regain. At times, he went through some stages where he could starve himself several times but that was not a permanent solution. He was desperate to deal with weight issues through several means at his disposal. In one of these incidents, he went for caffeine pills with the promise of increasing the metabolic rate. However, the effects were detrimental since it only led to some serious thyroid issues. In the mock therapy session, I played the role of being a therapist. Mr X had visited the hospital to seek medical attention related to his overweight issues. Before conducting any surgical operation, it is prudent and within the key requirements for the hospital to…show more content…
After trying all the approaches to solve his current state, Mr X was obliged to seek further medical attention. In the same quest, Mr. X came to the hospital and that is how we meet. In this disclosure, it is important to understand the limits of confidentiality. As it is the case, the patient is anonymous, hence the code X. Gastric bypass surgery or is a corrective technique that aims at dividing the stomach into two parts where there is a relatively small upper pouch and a lower larger remnant pouch with the small intestine connecting to both. The approach is quite invasive. One of my task as a therapist was to explain how the surgical procedure would play a critical role in weight management. I explained to Mr X that the approach would play an important role in weight management by changing how both the stomach and small intestines handle the food he eats. The essence, in this case, is to ensure that Mr X feels full after consumption of relatively small amounts of
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