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“ Some walks you have to take alone.” is in Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. This was first read in 2010 when the book was published. This quote was stated because Katniss has to do some things on her own to defeat the capital. In other words the quote means that sometimes when you do things with other people it doesn't work out as well. It is appealing because it can relate to most people. Today people are not doing as well with other people because they can shut down their ideas ect. People need to be on their own sometimes to accomplish big dreams.

Ludwig Van Beethoven relates to this quote because he has walked alone in his life being a musical artist. Beethoven walked alone because he was the first to create this kind of music in his era. “His father, a court musician, subjected him to a brutal regimen hoping to exploit him as a child prodigy” (Columbia 1). Since he’s a prodigy, he works only with himself on his music. He walked alone also because he died alone. “Beethoven died, after a long illness, in the midst of a fierce thunderstorm, and legend has it
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Her career is a nurse, she helps people by herself so this quote would relate to her. “ It relates to me in the decisions made in life regarding job, finances, etc” (Collins). She goes through life spending money on bills and food all alone. She lives alone, so she works and pays for things by herself today. “ I live by this quote in the daily walks through life where important decisions are made and only you can make them” (Collins). Important decisions she has to make, she makes herself. In her life, she makes big decisions in life for herself but sometimes people don't walk alone. “ Well many people, like myself, believe that their whole lives and details in it, are made with the help of God. He is always with and you are NEVER alone” (Collins). One reason to disagree with this quote would be that God is always with her so she’s not always

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