Mockingjay Pin Analysis

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Suzanne Colin’s, intense Hunger Games story teaches and shows many life lessons. In this story, Katniss volunteers for her sister, Prim’s spot in the Hunger games. A game where the last person alive wins. One woman and one male from 12 districts, get picked, along with 22 other tributes. Katniss has history with the male tribute, Peeta. Everyone in District 12 learn many lessons, when Katniss goes into the games. My claim for this story is that symbols help the readers understand the theme. Symbols such as mockingjay pin, dandelions, and Peeta’s bread. The theme for this story is that the choices you make define you.
The first symbol that helps readers understand the theme is the Mockingjay pin, that is shown all throught the three books. The first time the mockingjay pin was introduced to this series, was when Madge (daughter of the mayor of district 12) gave it to her during the reaping for luck. From there on she always kept it with her for good luck. The pin eventually became a symbol of rebellion to the Capitol, because the Mockingjay birds were created after the expirement with the Jabberjay birds. (Jabberjay birds can memorize and repeat an entire human conversation.) The Mocking Jay pin supports my theme because of how the MockingJay represents; respect,
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When the Everdeen’s lost their father, they all had no hope, they started to die of hunger but Katniss went to the market and Peeta was instructed to throw the burnt piece’s of bread out to the pigs, but threw one to Katniss instead. Bread symbolizes love and hope. So not just did Peeta giving her bread, he gave her hope, but the bread itself symbolizes hope. Peeta’s bread symbolizes; hope, survival, life and friendship. So when Peeta and Katniss both went into the hunger games she flashbacked to that memory and was reminded of hope, survival, life and friendship. Because she volunterred for Prim, she had
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