Mockingjay Symbolism Essay

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In the novel “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, there are many memorable symbols used. One of these symbols is the Mockingjay. The reason this symbol is important is that it helps the reader to understand some of the main ideas of the novel. Suzanne Collins wants the reader to think about the Mockingjay. The Mockingjay in “The Hunger Games” is a symbol used as a representative of the rebellion, this is so, because, many years ago in Panem, the Capitol breed these birds, called Jabberjays, specifically to spy on rebellions and find out what their plans were, the Capitol were able to do this through the usage of these birds as they were able to pick up what people said, and replicate the words said precisely. This plan eventually backfired…show more content…
This quote shows the first ounce of interest towards the Mockingjay. Not only did this conversation show us how mystical the Mockingjays are, but it also is what sparked the Mockingjay symbolizing the rebellion. If this happened, Katniss would’ve have had little to no interest in the Mockingjay, but because of this, to Katniss, it added character to the pin. The Mockingjay represents the rebellion. It is a way of showing that the peasants, drowning is dystopia can fight against the wealthy utopian civilians, which force them against each other. It’s a symbol that ties all the districts normally facing against each other, together. The Mockingjay freed itself from the Capitols attempted extinction. The symbol isn’t just a representative of rebellion, but it also represents Katniss. Katniss is the Mockingjay. Katniss was one of their fails, alongside of the Mockingjays. She gives hope to the Districts that they can break free of the Capitol, so do the Mockingjays. Even once the Capitol think they’ve beaten her in the games by announcing that only one victor may win the games, Katniss did something so small, yet so damaging; she pulled out nightlock berries. Just a handful of black, toxic berries, was enough to send Panem into
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