Model Minorities In Hawaii Research Paper

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U.S. government shaped Japanese migration into its soil when it established gunboat imperialism. The United States forced Japan to trade goods with them, thus, Hawaii was established as a trading port. At the beginning of the Japanese’s first migrations, the United States had graciously invited them for cheap labor in plantations. After their labor agreements ended, many decided to reside in the United States.
2a. The United States federal government made the Japanese go into concentration camps during the early 1900’s because officials believed that they were going to betray the American population. Officials believed that they should take precautions towards protecting themselves because the Japanese were thought of to be as drastically inferior. Despite their efforts towards keeping “true Americans” safe they did not find any evidence that proved Japanese Americans were scheming against the United States.
2b. Many Japanese Americans lost their businesses and homes due to the betrayal of their home country. When the Japanese returned to their old residences they found that they no longer had a place that they could call home due to the fact that they had been isolated from the world. Thus,
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The dominant white people created the model minority ideal was created to oppress other minorities. The model minority insists that by working hard, one will achieve success in America without having to protest for equality. It is harmful because it often tells minorities that they should not bother to voice their opinions, instead, they should be able to climb up the ladder of success by themselves. Institutions have failed to let the public know that Japanese citizens were able to climb up socially because they were rewarded right after they served in the military during WWII. Therefore, certain Japanese Americans were able to further their education unlike most minorities that cannot afford education who are currently being told to wait until they are
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