Model Minority Stereotypes Of Asian Americans

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In America, we put labels on practically anything. Many people would label each other based on their abilities, personality, or occupation based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation. For example, people associate women with being nurses and men being firefighters or police officers. Especially with the matters of race do people put labels and base assumptions. Since their migration to the United States, Asian Americans have dealt with discrimination and praise from being a ‘model minority’. The model minority, although it is subjective, defines a minority group in America that are able achieve socio-economic success higher than the average. It highlights the American Dream, a notion that any American resident can obtain financial and social success despite race, background, or gender. However, the model minority is also inaccurate and does not represent the many multicultural ethnic groups that compose the Asian American identity. Furthermore, it fails to acknowledge the racial microaggressions and under representation in healthcare, leadership positions, etc of Asian Americans in their daily lives.

To begin with, since the Civil Rights movement, the model minority stereotype is used constantly to scrutinize African Americans for boldly speaking out. The model minority “did not imply full citizenship”, but rather it was used as an excuse to tell other minorities to “behave appropriately and stay in their designated secondary space without complaint”, according
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