Layer Of Strategy: Survey

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3.3.3 The Layer of Strategy: Survey

This is the third layer of the research Onion model in which we move after peeling of the second layer of research approach. This is an important layer of the Onion model because it provides the researcher with various options to choose from in order to conduct the research in the most suited way possible. These are namely experiment, Survey, case study or Archival Research, Ethnography, grounded research or action study. According to Saunders, each strategy can be used for exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research (Yin 2003). Some of these clearly belong to the deductive approach, others to the inductive approach. However, often allocating strategies to one approach or the other is unduly simplistic.
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This is the kind of questionnaire that includes both the open and closed form of the questions in the same questionnaire. These kind of questionnaires are majorly used for the purpose of social research. A mixed questionnaire is very useful for conducting a social research. It completely depends on the researcher which type of a questionnaire is more likely to give the most accurate results and information that he wants.

• Fact and Opinion Questionnaires: Questionnaire is also classified as Fact and opinion questionnaires. Where Fact questionnaires are the ones where the respondent has to answer the questions on the basis of the facts and references that are there and not giving any weightage to the personal knowledge and opinion or attitude towards them. On the other hand we have Opinion questionnaire, which is also known as the questionnaire of opinion and attitude. This is where the respondent can feel free to give his or her own views and perception that they have about any event or a thing that has taken
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Some of the variables that are not constant while conducting a survey-using questionnaire are as follows:
• Lack of Information: There will be quite a few situations at times that the questionnaire may contain questions about which the respondents have no clue or knowledge. In order to achieve facts and figures questionnaire is a useful tool but the exact attitude of the respondent cannot be judged during the same phase. This disadvantage might affect the current on going research.
• Responsive Rate: As far as the responsive rate of the questionnaire are concerned it’s generally of the high order. But low responsive rate can be a problem and create troubles in finding the exact information from the questionnaire. This happens to the questionnaires with large number of questions or poor formation of the questions. This limitation is not going to affect the current research

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