Model Of The SERVQUAL Model

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Corporate Governance It is the different systems, processes and mechanisms by which corporations are managed. The distribution of rights and responsibilities among all the members of the corporation, fall under corporate governance. Research Problem Main: What is the impact of applying corporate governance on the performance of the corporation? Support: • How well is the performance of a corporation that focuses on the interest of all the stakeholders? • How well is the performance of a corporation that focuses only on the interest of the shareholders? • Is there a significant difference in performance? ; Ho: There is no significant difference between the corporation that focuses on the interest of all the stakeholders and a corporation that…show more content…
The SERVQUAL model is based on five variables of service: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. (Gronroos,2006) Competition is increasing everywhere, it is important for service companies to have a competitive edge. A lot of strategies can be used but it should be based on service quality, considering the needs, purchasing and different behaviours of consumers. Brand Preference The variation in brand image occurs due to the presence of differentiation among the perception of brand among wholesalers and retailers. Even though the whole attitude of the end consumers’ is positive towards the Hugo Boss brand but the consumers fondness to buy the Hugo Boss brand appearing to be comparatively low down as the trend is being seen that the consumers are liking the other brands. Service Quality Service quality starts from customers. Quality is one of the major basis of their perceptions. Companies should focus on satisfying or exceeding the expectations of customers, as it is the most significant positioning tool that will attract clients. (Veljkovic,2006) Two Dimensions •
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