Models Of Justice In The Jonathan Nathaniel Ramsey Case

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Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to choose which of these models of justice: retributive, utilitarian, restorative or parallel, is appropriate for the Jonathan Nathaniel Ramsey case. We need justice to be delivered efficiently, effectively in order to make sure the offenders are held accountable and the victims receive assistance. Each crime that is committed needs to be addressed properly. When the crimes are not then that leads to the unrest in the community and to the victims. This process will ensure that each offender receives the proper punishment and that the community is satisfied with the decision. The offender-based models, retributive and utilitarian, does not help the victim recover. Restorative justice is designed…show more content…
Americans want to investigate, judge, and punish fairly (Cole & Smith, 2011). Justice is defined as the proper administration of the law; fair and equitable treatment of all individuals under the law (Justice, 2008). As a society, there is a mutual agreement that justice should be done if a crime has been committed. According to Cole and Smith (2011), there are three goals of the criminal justice system: doing justice, controlling crime and preventing crime. Enforcement of the law is essential to defend the community and its citizens. In order to achieve these goals, we use four models of justice: retribution, utilitarian, restorative, and parallel. Through research, I will provide the different ways each model of justice would apply to the Jonathan Nathaniel Ramsey case. Crime Description In the early morning of August 27, 2011 in Springfield, Virginia, a crime was being committed. A 16 year old male named Jonathan Nathaniel Ramsey abducted a 5 year old girl in the middle of the night. Ramsey also committed burglary, malicious wounding, and sexual penetration with an animate or inanimate object (Ramsey v. Commonwealth, 2014). Around 4 a.m., the mother discovered her daughter downstairs exposed from the waist down, dirty and covered with
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