Modence And Self-Confidence And Social Development: Personal Development

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Independence Encourage independence skills as soon as you think children are capable. Work with parents to agree on appropriate expectations such as feeding themselves or taking off and hanging up their coat. Give children time to practice independence skills. And remember to praise them when they try, even if they're not always successful. To help children become confident in themselves, allow them the freedom to make choices. Provide open ended craft materials for children to explore and let them choose the materials and what they want to do with them. Build their confidence to tackle more complex activities as they grow. PSED are described as three building blocks for success in life. They are closely linked together, in one area of learning…show more content…
Social development is how we behave towards others, how we make new friends, how we understand our communities, self-confidence and self-esteem, behaviour and self-control. In observation 6 RL shows all of the above). Personal development is about the child developing confidence and Dowling (2005:2) identifies direct factors: 1 .Self –concept: the child becoming aware of himself. When a baby is born he form`s a bond with the person who feeds and looks after his daily needs, as the child grow its important that the child is allowed to separate himself from this one person and to develop a sense of self. This is normally a stress full time for the child, from my experience the younger this is encouraged the easier it is on the child .at around 18 months the child starts to recognise himself as an unique individual with his own identity. When the child starts pre-school others will contribute to his self –concept as he sees himself through a wider group of people, and as Dowling (2005:3) says “HE WILL BEGIN TO ADAPT HIS BEHAVIOUR TO FIT THE PICTURE AND LEARN TO BEHAVE IN…show more content…
These people are both at work and in their personal lives. These people seem to make the most out of life dealing well with problems. As the early years foundation stage includes PSE development as a prime area of learning and development emphasises the link between personal characteristics and the ability to learn. Social Development, Siraj – Blatchford and Clarke (2000p9) reinforce that view, they underline the importance of cognitively can only occur when : The child needs to be in a state of emotional wellbeing and feel secure. He needs a positive self- identity and self-esteem. 2. self –esteem developing a view of oneself ,this may be positive or negative. 3.self - knowledge is getting to know ones strength s and
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