Modern Advertising Essay

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Amanda Robe
Professor Cortina
English 101
Modern Advertising Methods In this day and age, people of society go to the internet for many different purposes; we interact with people on social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many, many more. People use Google and Yahoo to search up questions they may have. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo appear to be free for us to use without cost or repercussions. While surfing the web or talking to our friends and family on our social media sites, we never stop to think about how these sites make money since their websites are free. Websites and search engines make their money off of advertisements, but not just any advertisements. Websites have advertisements that
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Many companies like Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein use sex and beauty to try and get into the minds of the buyer. When people see Victoria Secret models they are tall, thin, and beautiful. It’s every woman 's dream to look like those models and when we see them wearing things like lacy, padded brassieres and fancy undergarments we think that maybe if we wear those things then we might look like those models. Calvin Klein uses men who are in good shape and are good looking. We associate those smells with looking good and makes us want to buy the product. Celebrity endorsements are another way marketers manipulate us. In the article The Language of Advertising by Charles A. O’Neill, it talks about why buyers tend to drift more towards a product when a celebrity is a spokesperson for it. The article states, “Although ad writers didn’t invent the human tendency to admire famous people, once we have seen a celebrity in an ad, we associate the product with the person.” “Britney Spears drinks milk. She’s a hottie. I want to be a hottie.” When people see that a celebrity is talking a product up, we believe everything they say. I believe that we do this because when we see someone successful like Britney Spears drinking milk, our minds then associate drinking milk with being

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