Modern Architecture

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Modern Architecture The Modern Architecture happens to be one of the most important trends since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Under this concept, we can designate the trends and styles of architecture and design that came to light during the twentieth century around the globe. Another concept with which we can call this type of architecture is Contemporary Architecture. One of the criteria with which Modern Architecture is dated is stylistic. Contemporary Architecture is considered to be that which chose to simplify forms, avoid the use of ornaments and, in a premeditated way, flee from classical academic compositions. This contemporary architecture is in line with the trends that have dominated modern art (cubism, expressionism, neoplasticism, and futurism). One of the landmarks of Contemporary Architecture has been the use by companies of the construction of new materials in construction: steel, reinforced concrete. At the same time, the use of these materials has been associated with the use of new technologies. These two elements (materials and technologies) have changed, in an unusual way, both the act of projecting and that of building both buildings and spaces. Doing a bit of history was from the second half of the twentieth century when the modern movement in architecture and urban planning was taking a charter. At the time, the last decades of the twentieth century, even the concept of modernity itself was questioned. The method to realize the
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