Suprematism: The Art Movement

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Modern was used to relate contemporaneous. At the time art was made, it was considered modern. In the historical term of art, the word “modern” refers to a period, which date from the year 1860s to the year 1970s where it was used to describe the style and a system of ideas in art produced. While the word “modernism” was also referred to the art in the modern period. And to be more specific, “modernism” can be thought to be referring as the philosophy of modern art. Modernism was also represented the uses of form, colour and line to create an abstract composition that exists out of visual reality. Sometimes, modern art was also considered to begin with Pablo Picasso, which in this sense “modern” was also associated with “avant-garde”. But during the late 19th century, the role of an artist starts to change dramatically.

Suprematism was one of the art movements from the modernism time and Kazimir Malevich, who founded Suprematism in the year 1915 in Russia but he had already begun developing it as early as 1913. But based on the idealistic, it was an artistically revolutionary and sought a new
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The styles of character and experimentation with the technique of production that have developed in the 1920s and 1930s have been an influence on graphic designers since. The theme of constructivisim was quite minimal which the art pieces were broken down to the most basic elements. What the stylistic of this movement of constructivism that influenced graphic design was the organization of abstract, basic geometry elements to make dynamic or visual forms. The other stylistic was the typographic was using combinations of different sans serif typefaces for their visual and then flat, simple, symbolic colours with extensive white spaces as part of the design that all these were marked by
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