Modern Beauty Standards

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To what extent do modern beauty advertisements set a standard of beauty and what impact does this have on adolescent body image? Introduction It is noticeable how sociocultural standards of beauty have been established through many forms of popular media for many decades. The media portrays the “ideal body” by having models with high beauty standards that are unrealistic and unattainable for many people. Moreover, with the improvement of technology, many figures displayed on television and advertisements are “adjusted” to look more appealing and attractive. In many cases, these figures used in modern beauty advertisements send an implicit message to many people that in order for them to be considered beautiful, they must have attractive features to make them look a certain way. Media, is often referred to as the communication network that broadcasts information regarding the news, education, data and promotional messages. Information can spread through different forms which include newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards, smart phone applications and internet websites. It is known that media has a massive influence on human behavior, cognition, as well as emotion due to the constant exposure to the…show more content…
Women in the media influence the social ideal body which is based on how an individual perceives physical appearance and beauty. The objective body discusses how an individual evaluates their body through the process of social comparison. This develops emotions such as satisfaction and dissatisfaction on an individual’s physical appearance allowing them to always have an opinion about their body’s physical features. The internalized body is the thought process of how an individual views the ideal image and aspires to achieve

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