Biotechnology In Everyday Life

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Nowadays, biotechnology are widely implemented in our daily life without us noticing it. We still used biotechnology in food production and medication purposes. However, the way we use it has change but the objective is still the same where we want to get a better product for human being and other living things. For example, in food production aspect, there are some scientists out there trying to develop plants that can resist to pests by producing pesticide themselves. The plans are successfully carried out by changing the DNA of the plants so that they can produce pesticide themselves. The DNA might be created by scientists or taken from other organisms which originally has the ability to produce the pesticide wanted. By doing this, the plants…show more content…
Modern biotechnology also helps in an area called pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is a study of drugs that combines with the study of gene. Differences in genetic makeup will induce different effect of certain drug on different individual. Pharmacogenomics enable scientists to analyze the effects of certain drugs on certain individuals based on their genetic makeup. Other than drugs, modern biotechnology also helps in diagnosing inherited disease. The method is called genetic testing. Chromosomes of an individual are studied to detect any presence of genetic disease, any presence of mutant gene or any risk developing genetic disorder. Therefore, genetic testing can be used as a diagnosis…show more content…
It is also known as biological warfare. Biological warfare is defined as warfare that makes use of bacteria, viruses, toxins et cetera to disable or destroy people, domestic animal or food crop. Countries that associated with biological weapon program includes United State of America, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom and Iraq. Ideal characteristics of a biological weapons includes high infectivity, high virulence, non-availability of vaccine and high weapon stability. One of the organisms used as biological weapons is Bacillus anthracis. This organism can cause anthrax, high fatality rate disease. There are few reasons why this organism are selected as biological warfare. First, it cause high fatality rate disease. Second, the spores resist heat, drying and many disinfectants. Third, the spores form hardy spores, perfect to be dispersed in powdered or aerosol form. Fourth, antibiotics are available make it safe for the friendly forces. Lastly, the bacteria can only be transmitted via animal, make it less possible for secondary infections to occur.
As conclusion, biotechnology is not new in our world. It has been practiced since long time ago. The difference between traditional and modern biotechnology is traditional biotechnology happened on coincidence while modern biotechnology is the result of long researches and experiments. Some of the modern biotechnology are derived from the traditional biotechnology.
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