Modern Children Lack Basic Manners Analysis

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Has Child Behavior Worsened?
In the article “Modern Children Lack Basic Manners” by Ed Amy Francis goes in on how in the current generation of kids are slowly evolving to show less and less manners towards their teachers. Leading up to the parents automatically accusing the teacher by saying it’s the teacher’s fault and responsibility for shaping up the kids to have the proper manners and respect that the parents want to see. The author manages to pull in the audience to look further into this issue by consistently bringing up points to support his overall look on the issue. More over, Francis discusses how the children are lacking the basic manners required to be successful and to help them down the road. It can be easily said that by following the famous quote, “treat others how you would want to be treated” can come into play with this. The controversy strikes between the parents and teachers, trying to be determined on who should be responsible when the parent’s child acts towards adults.
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Author Ed Francis stated this by saying,” This reminds me of a time in 6th grade (1980) when three boys were giving a substitute teacher a particularly hard time and the substitute left and came back with our assistant principal. The assistant principal assembled the entire 6th grade and gave 3 paddles a piece to these three boys during the beginning of the year” (Francis 2). Some aspects that may be unclear would be why parents expect teachers to raise and teach their children manners versus parents to take the initiative to teach them their own. It could be possible that some children could lack some of the aspects of manners if they’re not learning from both or strictly just their

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