Modern Computer Technology

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What is “Wrong” with Modern Computer to Society Modern Computer technology has slowly become more necessary of our daily life. There is more and more new computer hardware and software being developed every single day. As the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, from almost 10 years ago, talks about the importance of computers and the internet for a modern society and how progressively more people are heavily relying on it each day. More jobs are created, knowledge is being expanded, economics is blooming all from the computer and technology industry. However, some people cannot stop asking the same questions from 10 years ago, are those high-speed data processing machine just making us more stupid? What is the impact of computers and internet to our society? Computer technology is a double-bladed sword where there are pros and cons amount the products. Computer technology is an object and a tool used by the user where the deciding factor is the users’ responsibility and objections. Since the era of modern home-use computer development in the 70s, computers and the use of the internet have gently become the “superstar” in people’s daily life. To understand and know the function of computer and the internet is an important aspect of everyday life in the 21st century. Computers do not have to be large desktops or laptops that people will find at home, they can be in any type, shape, and size. Modern smartphones are a good example. A 2000 to 2016
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