Examples Of Cultural Prejudice In Bend It Like Beckham

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The Cambridge Dictionary considers Culture as "the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time". According to this, it can be said that culture is responsible for guiding society, under certain parameters, rules and customs that must be respected and shared among individuals in the same society; thus, there is no culture without being in a society; in the same way, there is no society without individuals interacting with each other. The coexistence in society has long been affected by two disintegrating elements called Prejudice and Racism, both with a high cultural content that have gradually deteriorated the development of the modern society.
Prejudice has become one of the most common evils within modern society; people often have attitudes and beliefs, usually negative that tend to hurt others. It is
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An example of this, it can be observed in the film Bend It Like Beckham, where a cultural prejudice on the subject of sexuality is evidenced, through the character Tony, who is one of Jess' best friends. In a scene of the movie he reveals to his friend that he is gay, which in response to this Jess replied, "but, you're Indian!”. It immediately shows that something is wrong, that he cannot be gay because his culture does not allow it. The culture to which Tony belongs is called Punjabi Sikh, it believes in five vices and lust is one of them; most Sikhs view homosexuality as proof of lust. Thus, Tony feels that he is unable to open up to his parents or members of his community by fear of being shamed or punished
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