Modernization In Bhutan Essay

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Bhutan is the small country located in the eastern Himalayan region between two gigantic countries, China in the North and India in the South. Bhutan is comprised of many settlements each bearing its own set of traditions and culture. These rich traditions and cultures were practiced for hundreds of years, and have been passed through the generations to generations. However, with the origin of modernization and globalization, our country is moving towards a modern lifestyle which has made the lives of Bhutanese people more comfortable and easier to do day to day activities. As this situation continues to grow; country is losing our rich traditions and culture especially in the areas of television, dress, games and economy.
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In the mid 1970’s, Bhutan is suddenly thronged open to the outside world. Started trade linked with India and started importing cheap subsidies goods from India, which affects our local economy. Despite this, the modern lifestyle has also some impact on Bhutanese economy. According to the article from the Journal of Bhutan Studies (2011), the process of economic modernization involves urbanization and industrialization and other changes include the adaptation of scientific technology and market economy resulting in a fundamental shift in people’s value, attitudes and expectations as a response to early reaching implications on the lives of the Bhutanese people in so far as it presented a distinct break from the isolated medieval past and ushered Bhutan into the modern world (JBS, 2011). Even this point is also supports by the Wangyel, (2011) as a result of economic modernization and the initiation of planned economic development, there has been a tremendous improvement in the living standards of the Bhutanese people and Bhutan has also established diplomatic and trade links with many countries and is a member of many international organizations including the United Nations (Wangyel.

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