Modern Culture Ruining Children

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Is Modern Culture Ruining Children? We have all heard the legendary line from our parents “When I was your age…” are they right, did they grow up in a better time? Modern culture is a term used to describe the most current developments in society, including ideas, beliefs, perceptions as well as scientific advancements. Today’s modern culture has its positives but also many negatives, especially when considering it’s influence on children. The amount of access children have to the Internet and devices leaves little to their imagination. The growing and changing modern culture of today is affecting children in a negative way potentially ruining their development. Pop culture, technology, and the media all contribute to the corruption of children growing up in today’s modern society.
The advances of today’s culture is deteriorating children’s minds and exposing them to information unsuitable for their age. Nevertheless, some critics argue that children are simply experiencing a new fresh society in which they are more connected to each other and exposed to more knowledge than ever before. As the time changes so does the culture and we should all embrace this change, disregarding whether it is beneficial or not. Also critics believe that it is healthy for children to be exposed to the harsh realities of today’s society rather than being shielded. There is so much more technology presented to children these days that allow them to learn more about the world and
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