Modern Day Afghan Women

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The women of Afghanistan are modernly known for the restrictions and rules that they live by in today’s day and age. However, this wasn’t always how they use to live. Ages before the Taliban and the Soviet Occupation, Afghan women lived normal and free lives compared to today. People often do not believe this due to lack of knowledge of the women from this country and of this culture, myself included. After reading and analyzing literature including A Woman Among Warlords, A Bed of Red Flowers and the document text Afghanistan: An Oxfam Country Profile, we can see how they conditions that the women of Afghanistan has changed for the worst. This essay will take a look at how events, such as the Soviet Occupation and the rise of the Taliban as well as its fall, made life for women tough and unmanageable. Life for Afghan women…show more content…
Sadly, this is not the case especially for women. The conditions for modern day Afghan women is still very terrible. A majority of women experience some kind of violence in their lives be it by their own husbands or someone close by to them. According to Joya Malalai, there are still many women who are forced into marriage, resort to prostitution in order to survive since it is still they are still not allowed to work, and they hold the highest rate for depression. Girls are not safe to go to school causing many girls from the villages would learn their lessons from sitting in the dirt for it is too dangerous. Women must not leave the households unless accompanied by a male relative, or mahram. They also must still wear the burqa and if they don’t the results can lead to death. Many things have ceased to change for women in Afghanistan, but they are those are actively doing what they can to make a change. Yet, there is still much to be done, but with more support and aid, the women of Afghanistan may be able to win back their
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