Modern Day Heroes In The Aeneid

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A hero is someone who has done something out of the ordinary that has achieved greatness and praise to him as well as great help to his people. A hero for him is to be celebrated most likely because he has brought a great wave of joy to his people. Heroes often sacrifice their own personal concerns for a greater good. There are modern day heroes as well as ancient ones. The modern day heroes include the soldiers that die at war, protecting their countries from war as well as others who have brought a change to humanity by trying to save their lives such as the renowned Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai, etc. While ancient heroes include the story of Aeneas who was going to find another land for his people the modern day Italy (Virgil. 1, 2,…show more content…
He led his people to the land he was to find that would rule the world. After the gods remind Aeneas that it is his fate to start a new city, he sails for Italy, leaving a devastated Dido behind. The Italians are at first friendly, but when war breaks out, Aeneas must fight to fulfill his destiny. (Virgil and Inc Recorded Books). Though many times as Virgil puts it in the book, he was helped by his mother; the god Venus and still some gods such as Juno who had a fierce hatred towards him. In the end of the Aeneid, Aeneas is in battle with Turnus, however, when Turnus is struck down on the floor vulnerable to Aeneas. "Pallas strikes this blow, Pallas sacrifices you now, makes you pay the price with your own guilty blood!" (1072, Vol. A). Aeneas wants to spare his life, however, he sees Pallas' belt on Turnus and reminds Aeneas of his murder leading him to strike Turnus at last. He still manages to fight for his people and founded the land after refusing to have mercy on Turnus and killed him especially when he remembered Pallas, son of king…show more content…
They rely on written language and advancement in technology. The ancient heroes such as Aeneas showed great qualities such as bravery, loyalty, compassionate and generosity which many young boys today show these qualities. Ancient heroes have qualities that portray them to be brave warriors in battles while the modern day heroes use technology to save lives. The ancient heroes were arrogant and they aimed at winning battles not caring about human lives. All they cared about was leading the battle and defeating the enemy but contemporary heroes such as doctors they want to save lives of sick people. Another thing is that the ancient heroes were over confident they always believed they will win every battle, there was no room for failure but this made some of them get killed in battle while in the contemporary world the heroes know the repercussion of being overly confident it can cost you a lot of things to the extent of damaging your reputation which can cause you your

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