Modern Day In The Odyssey

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In “The Odyssey”, Odyssey tells of his many adventures on his way home. He told these stories to a man at his last stop on his way home, because the man would give Odyssey a ship if Odyssey had some interesting stories to tell him. When reading three of the adventures, you could relate, “The Lotus-Eaters”, “The Sirens”, and “The Cyclops”, to a life lesson you may or have learned in modern day. Once Odyssey got to the adventure, “The Lotus-Eaters”, he learned that these men were addicted to the Honey Flower, Lotus, they meant no harm but only to share the Lotus plant that made whoever were to eat it loss hope of home. The Lotus is and/or seems to be related to what we call modern day drugs today. Drugs can change your behavior and/or the way…show more content…
In today’s world you may have people trying to get you to do something you wouldn’t really do, that could hurt yourself. In this lesson if life you could learn not to listen to temptation. “The Cyclops” Odyssey decides to go into the cave of the Cyclops not knowing what would happen once the giant creature came into the cave. Odyssey didn’t even have back up when going into the Cyclops and/or a well-developed plan. In Modern day life you could be applying for some sort of job and you don’t have the background on the job, leaving him clueless on how to prepare. When you’re reading of this adventure you could grab a life lesson about how you should always be prepared for the worst. In conclusion, Odyssey went through many adventures and with some he could have learned a lesson, leaving him more prepared if the situation were to happen again. In these three adventures of the many, Odyssey was just trying to get home after the win at troy. Odyssey’s total years spent away before he even got home was ten years. In these three tales they each told of their own life lesson, and even though there were all different they all taught
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