Modern Day Issues In Haiti

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How does the history of Haiti help explain modern-day issues there? Haitians are constantly living in fear whether it’s a natural disaster or leaders who rule in fear and tortured and killed approximately 30,000 people due to political reasoning. Haiti has a long dark history which constantly affects them in their daily lives now. Not only does Haiti have a dark past but they are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere today which affects many others. About 200 years ago, Haiti had to pay an indemnity to France so independence would be recognized allowing them to provide for themselves. During times like these, the leaders of Haiti would use the rest of their money for greed instead of improving life for the people. Something which…show more content…
Haiti is prone to many kinds of natural disasters due to many reasons one of which being deforestation leading to Haitians leaving and becoming independent. “Since the earthquake, more than 600,000 Haitians have fled Port-Au-Prince searching for food, shelter and work among their rural kin. With no other resources, they will be forced into subsistances forms and charcoal for sale.” (The Daily Beast). This explains how Haitians are scared of having another devastating natural disaster and they know that their government won’t do anything for the affects and will do anything to avoid it. Not only does Haiti have poor infrastructure in the sense of roads, buildings and more but it effects their water which is potentially deadly. “The country’s 10 million people had drinking water from springs and rivers and wells and a broken-down municipal water system in the capital...But a great deal of the water was loaded with bacteria and parasites...chemicals and other pollutants.” (Joseph B. Treaster). This goes to show how Haiti doesn’t spend money on their own water system leading many vulnerable to diseases. Not only does Haiti not have the resources due to money issues for attempting to fix their infrastructures but they still want to be independent. “Haiti immediately needs $40 million to get its grid back to pre-quake status and pay its 2,500 workers...the payroll above is $15 million a month-as well as provide power to million of Haitians who can’t afford it.” (Associated Press). This explains how Haiti can’t pay for their infrastructure if they can’t even afford to pay for their workers. Haiti’s government wouldn’t help the country after a disaster due to them using money on themselves and things which generally aren’t beneficial to the to the people and the

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