Modern Day Monarchies

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Something that is interesting are monarchy governments. Monarchies are a type of government where there is a single person dictating what happens, either a queen or a king. Modern day monarchies are vastly different from the monarchies of earlier times. Modern monarchies have become more democratic and the power that the king or queen would have is now divided up between other people and organizations. For example the Queen of England would have ruled over everything from agriculture, to foreign affairs, to warfare, but now the workload and her power is split up between her, the prime minister, ambassadors, and many others making the Queen more ceremonial figure than a figurehead with power. A monarchy is a type of government that has since become outdated and most countries have change their monarchy style of government completely or they have made their government more of a democracy while maintaining the royal family as a ceremonial figurehead with the powers of the queen being split up and given to others.
Another thing that is interesting is the way
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The Soviet Union had blocked off land access for the other allies creating the cold war. It is called the cold war because there was no real warfare, this war made France, Britain, and the United States of America into a sort of post war allies. The post war allies decided that instead of fighting the Soviet Union, they would instead go above and beyond (literally and metaphorically) for Berlin. The allies flew supplies over the soviet controlled land to the allied controlled Berlin delivering them to the citizens. After a year of doing this the Soviet Union decided to no longer block off Berlin. This changed the course of history because the post war allies regained the capital of Germany to help make it into a democracy. Germany is now one of the most well-off countries in the world and it is because it of the Berlin
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