Modern Day Serial Killer: Gary Ridgway's Life

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“Mild-Mannered truck painter told detectives that he was good at just a thing : Killing prostitute”(Modern-Day Serial Killer chapter 2 paragraph 2 by Don Rauf)

Gary Ridgway was born on February 18, 1949. He is serving 49 consecutive life terms.It all started when Gary was a child. He wets his bed until he was a teenager. He had lusted after his mother and also wanting to stab her. He had a low I.Q. When he was sixteen years old. he stab a 6 year old in his liver which start his crime life. He had three wives and all of the said he had a strong desire for sex. In early 1800’s , he started picking up prostitutes and runaways along Route 99 . He use his son picture to gain their trust. Then he have sex with them in

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