Modern Day Slavery Research Paper

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Modern-Day Child Slavery

“And who is responsible for this appalling child slavery? Everyone.” Modern-day child slavery is a horrible act that can be dealt with. Why are we ignoring this outraging abuse towards innocent children? Lets stop child slavery together, as a team.

Here a some of the neverending facts that you should know about modern-day child slavery. There a lots of slaves in our world today, about 27 million.(Skinner) Those 27 million children are forced to work no matter what. They get no pay or freedom, and most are abused almost every day.(Skinner) Did you know that people buy slaves? The cost is usually around 90 dollars.(Skinner) This isn’t what our economy should be turning into, so before it’s too late, let 's turn this
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You can raise awareness for modern-day child slavery. One main way to do that would be on Instagram, a famous social media application. You just post a picture using the hashtag #standwithme on national freedom day, February 1st.(how to stop modern day slavery) Another way to help would be to educate yourself.(how to stop modern day slavery) Before you start helping, you have to get more information about this topic to get people interested in helping too. Lastly, you can be a brave soul by speaking out to the public against this issue.(how to stop modern day slavery) State your opinion concerning this horrible abuse, child slavery. These aren’t the only ways that you can help, I just stated a few common ways to help out. Blameless children are apart of a horrible abuse, modern-day child slavery. Each individual can help put an end to modern-day child slavery, so stand up and speak out against this major problem. Children are being tortured right at this moment; know that you can make a change. Stand up! This is possible to end, so will you be an inspirational leader to others by stopping this cruel
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