The Giver Society Vs Modern Society

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People have always wondered what a difference and similarity a dystopian/utopian society would have with our modern day society.With the help of modern day society and the givers society we can figure out the differences between Modern day society and the Givers society.Modern day society and the society in the Giver have many differences including Rules, Family, And Figurehead/Leadership; however they also have a few similarities. In modern society the rules do not say that people can not ride a bike without a given age, people can take food from the restaurants as long as the people paid for the food, people have the right to be different from other people, people can choose who they want to marry, how many children they want, what job people want to have in the future, people have …show more content…

“The old of the community did not ever leave their special place, the house of the old, where they were so well cared for and respected.” (Lowry 123) In modern day society The leaders of our society do not care about the problems that we have and the things that they don’t ever ask about our feelings on the problem. In Jonas’ society The leaders of their society do not know what to do about some problems and so they sometimes make the community all messed up. “Having no memories from which to find either solace or wisdom, they would not know what to do and would seek his advice.” (Lowry 161) and “They were prepared to shoot it down. But they sought my advice. I told them to wait.” (Lowry 112) In conclusion the difference in both societies is that one of them does not let a variety of things happen and the other let’s a variety of things happen, and the similarity is that both of the societies do not let the communities give their opinions on the matter at hand and do not let us share what we see happens without and with the

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