Modern Day Spa Essay

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Different types of spas providing different services are established through the world gaining popularity. A rapid increase in the number of health concerned people had made the spa industry a multi-billion dollar industry. Although early spas were built around hot springs, modern day spas offer various other services such as exfoliation, manicure and pedicure and are usually combines along various other treatments. Some of these treatments such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage are derived from specific countries. In order to provide the customers with value a customer friendly concept along with a brand should be developed. This assists in spa retailing which would in turn help to sustain the spa in…show more content…
The spa services differ depending on the technique, origin, provider or facility.
Different forms of techniques can be used in spa treatment. The most common form of technique with which spas got introduced is the water therapies such as hydrotherapy and balneotherapy which includes mineral water and thalassotherapy where sea water and products are used. Techniques such as massages, body movements such as yoga, fitness training and dietary supplements are seen to be used in modern day spas. Further, various techniques are used for relaxation of the mind, such as mental healing, meditation and prayers. Regardless of the techniques used for mental and physical wellbeing of a person, the appearance is alsoequally important. As such beauty therapies such as hair removal, nail treatments and skin care are important.
Some treatments are derived from certain countries. Treatments such as Ayurveda are medicinal treatments originated from India. Ayurveda medical treatments are healthcare treatments which are recognized in India. With four key components, Prana, Chakra, the five elements and the three Doshas contribute towards treatments which includes various

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