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British author J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series is a global literary phenomenon with the books having sold more than 450 million copies. This was followed by a blockbuster movie series which has grossed over $10 billion worldwide. Today, Harry Potter is a brand worth billions, consisting apart from the books and movies also of theme parks, merchandise and so on. The fandom surrounding Harry Potter is unprecedented and has let to phrases such as-‘Pottermania’ , ‘ the Harry Potter phenomenon’ ,‘ Potterheads’ etc…
Considering that Harry Potter happened around the same time as the internet boom and was chiefly aimed at tech-savvy millennials; the paper wishes to explore the role of modern day technology in the creation, dispersion and response
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But the unique, unprecedented phenomenon of Harry Potter is also a product of its times.
The creation, dispersion and response to Harry Potter no doubt owes quite a bit to technology that was previously unavailable to books and authors.
And it is this role of technology in the making of the unique, global literary and commercial phenomenon called Harry Potter that the paper wishes to explore.

The topic of the paper clearly elicits more of an online research rather than an offline one.
A Google search for Harry Potter however, yields a mind-boggling 12, 50, 00, 000 results. An online quest for Harry Potter websites, fan fiction, art, memes etc… produces similar results in a minimum of 7-8 figures within a second.
Also, Rowling continues to write about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, movies too are in the offing, representations of Harry Potter in the media by the press, by fans is a constantly growing, evolving occurrence.
Clearly, Harry Potter is an ever expanding universe in itself and most likely can never be covered in its entirety.
Especially within the scope of a single paper, only an overview may be
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This section shall attempt to explain the role of technology in the creation and dispersal of the Harry Potter products starting from the books and proceeding towards films, merchandise, theme parks etc..
Apart from these, this section shall also explore other avenues of official communication through the medium of technology.
An exploration of each of these aspects is presented below one by one:
E-books and Audio Books
Technology has changed the way people consume books. Today, people prefer the ease of having a lengthy book in its e-version or as an audio file over their phones, tablets, Kindles or laptops. Also, e-books and audio books may be purchased online within a matter of a few minutes. Those who wish to be spared of the trouble of going to a store may order books online or access them on online libraries. E-books and audio books also enable consumer to try a free sample within the convenience of where they are, how they are almost
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