Modern Dilemma In The Indian Great Epic Mahabharata

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The topic of the current research is ‘modern dilemma’ which the characters go through in the Indian great epic ‘Mahabharata’. Traditionally the authorship of ‘Mahabharata’ is attributed to Vyasa. The epic is traditionally ascribed by sage Vyasa who was an integral part of the events and also an eye-witness to many of the incidents which took place in the epic. Vyasa described it being as ‘itihasa’ which means history. His history also traces the relationship between the great teachers and their students of Vedic time which is mainly common as Guru- shishya parampara. ‘Mahabharata’ is an epic which narrates the Kurukshetra war and the fate of Kaurava and Pandava princes.

Dilemma arises when a person is committed to two or more moral obligations and he
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It presents irreconcilable alternatives and the choice between them seems to be made irrationally or for reason other than moral.
‘Mahabharata’ an Indian epic has not only influenced literature, theatre, art, sculpture and paintings of India but has also molded the very character of the people. We all have experienced an internal debate or confusion in our mind about what is RIGHT or what is
WRONG. Some lessons from a great Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ help us to take correct decisions in our life. ‘Mahabharata’ helps us to avoid all the wrong things in our lives and help us to throw light on right things. What gives ‘Mahabharata’ its unpending fascination and eternal relevance are the moral dilemma that every character faces, being constantly confronted by equally valid alternatives. The choices that he makes test the moral fiber of his character. These are dilemmas that are familiar to us being a part of our own experience and which leave us
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