Meo Women Empowerment Essay

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Education is derived from the word ‘educare’ which means bringing up of children both physically and mentally. The encyclopedia of Britannica defines education as transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of society’. Education is designed to guide the child in learning a culture, moulding his or her behavior in the ways of adulthood, and guiding him towards his or her eventual role in society. It is conscious social function which began when man started interacting with material reality with the purpose of moulding or changing it to satisfy his needs.
Thus education embraces a multi- process by which culture and values are transmitted from generation to generation. According to Mukherjee, every education, whatever means and methods
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One of the major reasons for the educational backwardness without any doubt is the traditional outlook of Meo’s. This strong force was the orthodox segment of the Meo community, denying women’s entry into the institutions of education. Apart from these others factors which hindered the growth of Meo women’s education is patriarchy and the seclusion of women including Purdha, the practice of early marriage and low level of aspiration and due to overall poverty in Meo’s. The realization of the importance of education has been increased with the changing times.
Here we shall analyse the educational background of the respondents to have an idea about women’s education.
Out of the total sample of 20 Meo women interviewed 15 women were educated and 5 were illiterate. 35 percent were highly qualified and acquired M.A, B. Ed degrees. 40 percent of the respondents were degree holders in various disciplines of Arts, science and commerce. Table 4.1 is an indicative of the educational status of the sample respondents.
Table -5.5
Respondent’s educational
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It is interesting to note that Meo parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and elders have been found possessing positive attitude in the case with regards to seeking education. It was found that 97 percent of the educated respondents have mentioned that their parents, elders, have been quite encouraging in taking up education. The rest 3 percent of the respondents did not get any encouragement they have studied themselves

Table – 5.6
Encouragement in taking education
Encouragement by No. Percentage
Elders in the family
Brothers/ Sisters
Did not encouragement
Source: Primary Data
5.7 Women’s education With the changing time the educational level of Meo women is going up. There is a change in the attitude of males towards liberalization in education of Meo women. Morever, the rapidly changing in other nearby areas i.e. Gurgaon and Faridabad, is an edditive factor of the Meo males towards education of Meo women. Besides, one finds that in present day circumstances and uneducated women has to face various odds and difficulties not only outside but even at home. For example, the mothers of school going children come to realize the importance of

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