The Origins Of The Modern Educational System In Europe

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Elia Urumova
Problems of the Modern Education System
Research Paper
The origins of the educational system in Europe comes from the tenth century, where it was created to train the clergy. The idea of education for everyone spread between the sixteenth and eighteenth century and in the seventeenth century John Amos Comenius made a reform of universal educational system that spread in Europa (History of Education). As education became more common the government started taking part in the educational system, making it more general rather than personalized, because there were aiming at education as much as people as possible on basic level of education for a shorter period of time. As a whole the idea of the educational system in Europe
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It is based on passing exams rather than actually gaining long-term knowledge. The grading policy stimulates only memorizing facts for the exam, which results in no long term memorization or knowledge. The whole education system is focused on standardized tests and students are graded on short term memorizing and repetition rather on creativity, originality or innovation. What is more, nowadays education is focused on teaching and testing on facts rather teaching skills. Obtaining certain skills will help the students during their future life and will have a long term use. Still students are given right away the information they need to memorize rather the opportunity to research or find this information. They don’t learn how to search and manage information. The educational system is such that it doesn’t support the assimilation of needed skills for future life. More than 75 percent of employers confirm that new employees, who have college degrees lacked the ability of applied skills and didn’t have basic knowledge. (“Are They Really Ready to Work?”). Moreover, the system tests knowledge on certain levels and once tested, the student isn’t examined again on this material, which again promotes learning only for the exams rather obtaining real knowledge. In Finland, where the educational system is regarded one of the most successful, the focus is not on comparison and examination (McClatchey, Caroline). There it is…show more content…
One of the sure ways to improve the education is to invest into selecting teachers that are qualified enough for this job. This job should be supported and respected along with the other professions. In Finland according to the Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen teaching is regarded as one of the most important professions. Teachers are trusted and respected much more because there it is harder to become a teacher and there is specific selection (McClatchey, Caroline). There the teachers are selected from the top ten percent of college graduates and then they should complete master degree in education (Cleveland, Hannah). Thus teachers are given the freedom to teach in the way that will help the students rather than just completing a list of material that they should cover through the year. The state should invest in the education and make it accessible for everyone to receive good education. One of the problems with the accessibility is that for a lot of parents the education of their children is unaffordable. In the US 47% of the parents consider that they don’t have the financial requirements to send their children to college (Allebrand, Cheryl). One of the reason for the biggest and continuing to increase college dropout rates in America is because of the high taxes. (Weissmann, Jordan). More than half of the students drop out of college and the rate is increasing as the college tutution and student debts increase and on the other
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