Modern Electronic Technology: The Impact Of Modern Electronic Technology

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Currently, modern electronic technology is a sine qua non of development in all facets of life in the whole world. In today’s world technology has affected every endeavour of human life, you just name it. Eboh, (1999:p.50) asserts that “technology is derived from the Greek word ‘Te ̇chne ̇’ meaning art: the ability to shape sensibly perceptible things thus giving visibility to an idea.” She further highlighted that it implies the ability to manufacture things. Technology has brought about the improvement of life, it has been both destructive and sustainable. There is no aspect of human endeavour that has not been affected by technology, it brought about efficient and effective processes of achieving tasks in every endeavour of man, be it in transportation (aeroplanes are human technological inventions), communication (technological inventions such as satellite technology has transformed ways of communication, this has revolutionalised communication by making the world a global village as people communicate by phone), electricity (conversion of energy from the…show more content…
Technological breakthroughs in the electronic industry brought about the advent of the PC in 1975. The personal computer mostly called computer is a sustainable innovation, this is because man has become more effective and efficient while performing his daily activities (putting into use a personal computer). The effective use of computers in the 21st century has increased astronomically creativity and innovative skills, in education learners who use computers effectively display high creative and innovative skills. Williams, C., (2015) stating the National Educational Standards (NETS) for students highlights “Creativity and Innovation: our learners will be deficient in these skills. As such we will produce learners that cannot demonstrate creative thinking, constructive knowledge, because of their lack of access to

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