Modern England And The 15th Century England During The Elizabethan Era

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The Comparison of the 21st Century Modern England and the 15th Century England during the Elizabethan Era From the 15th century, during the Elizabethan Period, to the 21st century of modern England, a lot of aspects have been improved, developed and altered. A lot of procedures, processes and aspects, such as the social hierarchy, structure of the government, political climate and so much more, have changed during the five centuries of development. Here are some of the aspects in which the Elizabethan Era and the Modern England differ. In terms of the social hierarchy, both the 15th and 21st centuries contain such classifications of the social hierarchy. These social classes are usually expressions and representations of conditions established in the society. During the Elizabethan Period, the society was divided. The society once consisted of the Monarchs, Nobility, Gentry, Merchants, Yeomanry and Laborers. During this period, a Monarch is the main ruler of a nation. A Monarch may be a king or a queen, and has the highest rank among the social classes. Next to the Monarchs were the Nobility. The Nobility is second to the monarch, and is one of the highest social classes. This social class contains the whole of the lords and the ladies of the monarch’s land. In order to be included in this high social class, one must be born into it or appointed by the Monarch. Next to the Nobility were the Gentry. This class consists of the knights, gentlemen and gentlewomen and squires
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