Modern English Teacher Research Paper

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Modern perspectives on English Teacher; transformations expected in Digital Era Language teaching in the higher level Education
D. Renukadevi1
1Assistant Professor, Department of English,
Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Thudupathi, Erode, Tamilnadu, 638 057.
2Assistant Professor, Department of English,
Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Thudupathi, Erode, Tamilnadu, 638 057

In a modern English class room, the needs of a young learner and the old fashioned teaching style and learning set up have changed tremendously in the past decade, with the advent of new technologies and so is the role of an English teacher too. The gradual shift from teacher- dominated
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In the modern context, a ‘perfect teacher’ should not only be a fountain of knowledge person but also be skilled enough to facilitate the students for quality learning.
For imparting good quality education to the students the role of a teacher is very significant. A teacher should not only be a well-informed person but he/she should be skilled enough to educate students. Teaching is an art to educate the students which can be enhanced by training. In the contemporary time of language teaching, diverse innovations are brought in the field of ELT to come out from the conventional teaching approaches. At the present time, inclination is more towards communicative language teaching than traditional grammar teaching. Now the inevitability of learning new language has become a communicative need. People study another language after their mother tongue for retaining communication with the people of other society speaking a different language. As a result language is learnt as a means of communication, not as a subject. That is why with the changed requirement of learning language; the teaching method and approaches have also been adapted. Teaching language is not an easy task and it needs to be fascinating enough to eliminate the apprehension of the learners.
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English teachers should realize that their students have needs and interests beyond their classroom too. The digital era has given the teaching community many facilities to motivate the learners so that they can engage with English in a way that most interests them and best suits the way they learn. Hence by knowing the exact linguistic needs of an English learner, the present day teacher needs to facilitate him with current pedagogical methodologies. Also the bitter truth to be digested by the traditional English teachers is that they alone cannot be recognized as ‘the single major source of language’ and bygone are the days, in which they were solely acclaimed as ‘the ideal model for the acquisition of language’. They should see to that the classroom or the learning set up provides major space for learners for instant learning with the needed guidance at the needed

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