Modern Fairy Tales: The Aspects Of A Fairy Tale

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Did you ever have a fairy tale that you loved so much that you read it over and over again? Fairy Tales have been around for a long time, and even the ancient Egyptians had a Cinderella. According to Bruno Bettelheim in “The Uses of Enchantment”, fairy tales help a child understand their conscious selves which then helps them learn to cope with their subconscious fears and anxieties. Many modern day fairy tales are rewritten from an older version of the tale so they can relate to the problems kids today face. “Snow White”, by Brothers Grimm, and “The Young Slave” by Giambattista Basile are examples of this with “The Young Slave” being the older version. Although “Snow White” and “The Young Slave” have many differences relating to the time periods they were written in, both stories still have similarities when it comes to the moral of the story and the protagonist.
“The Young Slave” Is a fairy tale written in 1634 which starts off with a female child being born who ends up being the niece of the “Baron of Selvascura”, who is a king. This child was cursed by fairies and at the age of seven she was perished and locked up in a room. She was then discovered by the King’s wife who quickly recognized the beauty of this child and quickly became jealous while at the same time accidently undoing her curse. “When she beheld this lovely creature, the jealous woman at once thought, ‘By my life, this is a fine thing.’”(The Young Slave). As the king’s wife discovers this child her
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