Modern Family Analysis

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Modern Family produced an accurate episode on how modern media has a negative and positive impact on our lives. It has taken over our communication, and just about every other aspect of our daily lives. This episode also proved that an invasion of your privacy is inevitable, and that we have become incredibly lazy due to our frequently updated handheld devices. Honestly, the laziness of the family almost stood out more than the excessive use of Facetime.
The actual production of the episode was spot on. They found a way to keep you intrigued even though you were most likely looking at your computer screen, while following the computer screen of the mother. The writers and directors found a way to increase the intensity of the show with each
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However, if you are at all involved with media, then privacy is basically nonexistent and Modern Family demonstrated that perfectly in their episode. I think the privacy scenario was also thrown into the episode to inform viewers that media is not always safe. Anybody can and will find a way around a private account, just like the mother did in the episode. However, parents are not the only ones snooping around creating fake accounts. Children, teenagers, and young adults need to be cautious and watch what they put out there for the world to…show more content…
It is easy for most to laugh that episode off and move on to the next, but when you are asked to reflect, it really gets you thinking. Why do we waste so much time on this media? Why do we post private thoughts for the world to see? There are so many questions I could ask. I didn’t really notice how many negatives there were until after the episode was over and I had time to process it all. As you watch the episode, you are distracted by the humor and intensity of the show. It is not until after that you realize that the problem they encountered was caused by media. Media creates and causes problems for us. We misinterpret media all the time, and that is what causes unhealthy arguments, worrying and negativity. Problems that our country and our entire world are facing have been brought on by media. Not only big economic and political issues, but issues such as bullying and body shaming. What good has media done? At this moment, I can not think of a completely positive impact media has had on our society. With a positive, there Is always a negative that comes with it when it comes to
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