Modern Feminism

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Feminism has come to mean the push for equality for every gender and intersectional group. This is quite clear in the works of Collins and Lorde in their pieces around the intersectionality within modern feminism. In the past, some people have used the word feminism to support their own interest groups. These groups defined and used feminism differently than the feminist community does currently. Based upon works by Betty Friedan and documents like Declaration of Sentiments, feminism to these “classic feminists” is defined by the oppression faced by upper class, white, heterosexual, cisgendered women. By doing so these groups have hindered the plight of modern feminism. By this historical outdated definition of feminism institutions such as…show more content…
It only makes sense that feminism has a modern and outdated definition, and that like people, feminism changes. Feminism changes with time and is diversified with new perspectives and realizations of oppression.
Women’s oppression has been prevalent since the invention of agriculture. When groups of people are oppressed generally these oppressed people must group together to fight the oppressor and change the establishment they live in. This call to action is quite clear with American colonists against the British Empire in the late 1700s. This group gave up their prejudices of class to conquer the agreed enemy, the British Empire. The Feminine Mystique is one of the appointed and societally accepted “classic” works of feminism. The Feminine Mystique perpetuated the indication of feminism only to be needed for straight white cisgender women defining feminism as an exclusive problem that it is not. Friedan although she supported and made white feminism more popular did not start it. Friedan speaks in her book only of the issues of white, upper class, heterosexual women. She does not abdicate for the oppressions of others but only the exclusive oppressions she has gone through personally. Friedan even goes as far as to insult and ridicule
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Modern feminism is prevalent in movements such as “Me Too” and “Say Her Name” to diminish sexism and oppression felt on all fields. Modern feminism has been made to destroy the history of racism, homophobia and cisgender embedded principles of historical feminism. One of the most influential and intersectional feminist works are that of Audrey Lorde. In Audrey Lorde’s book, Sister Outsider she explains the sexism felt by black lesbian women and the intersectional oppressions and the lack of social acceptance. Lorde explains the homophobia she faces in the black community, the racism she feels in the LGBT community and the intense homophobia and racism embedded in
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